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Barong Dance

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The Barong is mythological being in Bali that takes the form of a four-legend wild animal. This wild animal (barong) was the totem animal or the animal protecting the Balinese people before the Hindu religion entered the island  because of its fuction as protector, the Barong is said to be manifestation of good forces which will always fight the manifestation of evil forces, the Rangda, who takes the form of a frightening she-devil

According to Balinese folklore, the origin of Barong is as follows. The Island of Nusa Penida, a small island southeast of the island of Bali, is inhabited by Evil beings or demons who continuously disturb the peaceful life of Balinese. On this island lives a huge demond called Gde Jero Mecaling (a giant with fangs). One day Gde jero mecaling went to Bali accompanied by a great number of smaller demond. He stayed in Kuta, taking he form of Barong. The little demonds who accompanied him were then ordered to go inland to cause disorder and destroy the peaceful life of Balinese people. The Balinese were panicstricken as they faced the see evil being. However there was a priest who had a cunning device to drive the demonds out of Bali.The priest ordered the Balinese people to make a false barong and little demons to frighten the real barong and the demons. His plan was a success, the real barong and demond 

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